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Why you can Trust Halado Leadership as YOUR Learning & Development  Partner.



Our Prestige Leadership programmes use strategies for learning and self-growth as the foundations for empowering  civil servants across the world  .Your civil servants get a more personalised experience built around their leadership requirements.


We provide learning and development experiences to select groups. That way your staff get focused and  tailored development opportunities.


Our Programme Directors have years of experience in delivering public service transformation and senior leadership development both in the public and private sectors.   


This approach creates a unique opportunity to equip your staff for the leadership challenges ahead and to improve the lives of those you serve.




We make sure that people get the most from the time with us. We always limit the number of participants on each programme.  This ensures your civil servants get targeted and individual attention to improve their Leadership performance.


Our programmes are structured so participants get more from your time with us. It supports them to get more from the "softer parts" of a leadership development experience. It also helps cement a lasting learning and support network. We want people to have an in-depth empowerment experience and not just "chalk and talk" learning




Our mission is to impart your civil servants with the leadership knowledge to improve the lives of those you serve through transforming public services, whilst helping them  flourish and develop their teams so they can excel.


Our programmes are exclusively for people working for the public services. We deliver personal and elite development programs in a friendly yet challenging learning environment


We focus on a route to leaving a lasting legacy. Participants leave our programmes with a route map of how to improve the lives of those they serve.


Our individual, unique, practical and straightforward programmes expose public servants to ideas at the forefront of public service leadership

Team Building Programmes

​Successful leaders need to engage, enable and encourage the people with whom they work. Therefore, you need to build successful teams and learn how to draw on the diversity of skills and knowledge to be found within your team members to maximise the potential for improving the lives of those you serve.

Senior Executive Development

For Senior Government Executives such as Permanent secretaries, DPS, Chief Executive’s, Deputy Chief Executives, Executive Directors, Board Members and those whose next role will be of this level. 

Change &Agile Management &
Leading Transformation Programmes

A number of programmes that look at how to lead in these very uncertain times and how agile leadership is required.  These programmes explore the key issues leaders require in leading change and also in the transformation of public services. 

Cabinet & political Effectivness Programmes

These programmes are for politicians seeking to have maximum impact in delivering for people. It explores the role of Politicians in ensuring positive change takes place and how to build effective working with senior civil servants. They also can be joint programmes with Civil Servants to build effective team working

Tailor made Programmes

We know that things change so progressive and wise civil service education institutions need to be flexible and will require new learning and development programmes. We will work with you to co-design programmes that meet your new leadership


Our Programme Directors


Lord Paul Scriven

Paul is an experienced, innovative and dynamic Leader and mentor in the public and private sectors. He has a strong reputation for innovation & service improvement that bring results that totally transform public services and improve outcomes to citizens.  He also has knowledge and hands on experience of politics as a politician at both a local and national level.

Maria older 22.webp

Maria Older

Maria is an energetic, authentic and highly inspirational Leadership Development
Professional with a wealth of experience delivering pragmatic development
interventions across the globe to people from various private sector industries and to
many officials of the public sector including elected members of Parliaments.


Carolyn Kerry

Carolyn is a former Director of Business Strategy and Change for the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Director of Learning Strategies for Planning Consultancy, London.  She is a business consultant and learning and development professional with over 20 years experience and has worked for public and private sector clients across the world.

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