Your Unique Five-day Residential Executive Leadership Experience

Creating your lasting legacy

Five Day Residential Development Programme.

Programme Directors: Maria Older and Lord Paul Scriven


KUALA LUMPUR - Sunday 13th  to Friday 18th   November 2022

A 5 day Residential Programme Price: £5,500 + VAT*

* V.A.T. exempt for most government employees  see our booking terms and conditions


This retreat style of learning programme is designed for leaders at the very top of public services such as Permanent and Deputy Permanent Secretaries, Chief Executive Officers, Deputy Chief Executive Officers, Directors, Board Members and those whose next role will be in such a position. They will be people who are seeking to understand themselves better, to find the way to make a difference to people and society and to create their own legacy for the future.

This programme will help you look at the leadership requirements you will need for today and tomorrow in a

world dominated by crises such as the global pandemic, rapid changes and rising complexities. This situation presents extraordinary challenges for individuals in leadership roles. Governments and business operating in this uncertain landscape are experiencing an unprecedented level of vulnerability. This requires leadership not only for today but also for tomorrow highlighting the need for people who are inspired by challenges and are ready to take the lead and act with purpose.



Benefits of this programme

  • A personalised learning journey that heeds both the needs of your environment and your own development requirements and interests.

  • Personal analysis of your leadership style and areas  you need to work on 

  • How to get the most out of the people you work with

  • A personal action plan for how to lead for ensuring you leave a personal leadership legacy

You will reflect on the past, share experiences of the present and refine the details of the future legend you want to leave.

Your programme will include focused and personal learning, exposure to speakers and facilitators at the top of their game, all programme materials, luxury accommodation and meals, a programme dinner addressed by a top class leadership speaker, sightseeing experiences and access to a network of thought leaders.

These programmes are undertaken in luxury accommodation right in the heart of London, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Singapore. You chose which of these exciting cities you wish to learn in to develop your personal leadership legacy.





  • This is an Exclusive and Impactful Development Experience for Senior Public Sector Executive


  • Do you wonder about the impact and influence you can make around you?

  • Are you excited to develop your own leadership legacy - a true legend you want to leave behind?

  • Are you interested to join the leaders league of warriors and legacy makers?


These small and intimate residential opportunities create an unrivalled opportunity for you to prepare for the next chapter in your leadership journey.  A time for reflection so you can lead with maximum impact

This is far more than just a 'nine to five' learning programme, it is a unique development experience that helps you build the skills and knowledge required to be an outstanding leader who will create a long lasting impact.

This programme will help you get the most from your five days with us and give you access to opportunities and individuals away from the 'training room' that will help you in your leadership journey.


You also leave with a network of outstanding people upon whom you can call as you progress and grow.