A Rewarding Five-day Residential Programme - How to Lead and Build Outstanding Team Performance

Outstanding and strong performing teams are your key to great leadership performance

This is a five day residential  programme to share challenges, learn from each other's experiences and develop a personal action plan.

Successful leaders need to engage, enable and encourage the people with whom they work. Therefore, you need to build successful teams and learn how to draw on the diversity of skills and knowledge to be found within your team members to maximise the potential for improving the lives of those you serve.

This programme explores what it takes to develop and sustain the highest performance of your team.

High Performing Leadership – Leading Your Team For Success

Five-day Residential How to Build Teams Programme

Programme Director: Maria Older 

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DUBAI -  October 2023

A Five-day Residential Programme Price: £4,995 + VAT*

* V.A.T. exempt for most government employees  see our booking terms and conditions

This residential learning programme is designed for senior leaders who understand that they need high-performing performing people around them to achieve the very best from their own leadership. This programme is for senior leaders such as Permanent and Deputy Permanent Secretaries, Chief Executive Officers, Deputy Chief Executive Officers, Directors, Board Members and those whose next role will be in such positions.

 Benefits of this Programme

  • You will learn that leading a team needs both a style and a focus:

  • The style is about how to engage, motivate and maintain positive relationships with people

  • The focus is about what you, as a leader, want to achieve ensuring that the right style is applied to the right situation in order to achieve the right results.

  • Better ways to motivate people to achieve results

  • Making sure your team is focused on joint goals

  • What you need to do to ensure your personal leadership improves team dynamics and performance



During the five days you will go through a personalised learning journey that will get to the core of what is required of you as a leader to ensure you can get the very best out of the people within your team. Don't expect this to be just based indoors and all about talking and thinking. The programme also challenges you into putting into practice some team work skills as you engage in outside activity learning. It engages combination of both style and focus.

Your programme will include your focused and personal learning, exposure to speakers and facilitators at the top of their game, all programme materials, outdoor learning activities, luxury accommodation and meals, a programme dinner with a leading and inspirational leadership speaker, sightseeing experiences and access to a network of thought leaders.

These programmes are undertaken in luxury accommodation in Kingston, 20 minutes from London and also in Dubai. You chose which one of these exciting cities to begin to improve your own leadership by building and working with strong performing teams.