Excel and reach your true leadership potential with our support.

Choose a Learning & Development Experience as Unique As You Are

Our prestige, all inclusive, residential leadership programmes are built on the solid foundations of your personal learning and self-growth potential. You get a personalised experience built around you and your leadership development.



Our programmes are unique in the way we focus only on people, like you, who are at very senior levels within Government service from across the world. In particular we aim to develop the potential of senior people from both Africa and Asia.

Your learning and development will take place in a residential setting within a small and select group. This way you get a personally-tailored development experience. 

Your development does not end when the programme concludes. Afterwards you will continue to have our support and access to a network of public sector executives.


Your specially-selected Programme Director has years of experience in delivering public service transformation and senior leadership development both in the public and private sectors.    

As you have special skills and talents, you deserve a training and development programme that is crafted and tailored  for senior people like you, so you are able to relate to and develop with them. This will support you in your goal of leaving a lasting and individual legacy.


Premier Executive Residential Leadership Programme

Your Route to Success

We believe you are special and deserve the space to explore and grow the challenge of your leadership potential. That is why we conduct your learning and development in small and select groups.


This ensures you receive targeted and individual attention to improve your leadership performance, setting the scene to plan for your legacy.

This programme is residential so you get more from your time with us and your elite group. You will build networks and be able to get the most from your development experience.


It will support you in achieving more from the 'softer parts' of your leadership development experience.


It will also cement a lasting learning and support network upon which you will be able to call throughout your career. We want you to have an in-depth empowerment experience and not just 'chalk and talk' learning

Take a look at the programme we offer.  These exclusive five day residential sessions take place in London, Dubai, Singapore & Kuala Lumpur.

Build Outstanding Teams Residential Programme

Quality of your learning your always comes first

The philosophy of this programme is to put your development into action through a combination of inside learning complemented with outside learning activities. The programme may be small in size, with a maximum of 12 participants, but it will deliver a major impact on improving your leadership skills and knowledge through team dynamics and performance

As part of the residential programme, which will be conducted in outstanding luxury accommodation where all meals are provided, you will receive all your learning materials and the support of Programme Directors and guest speakers to help you to focus you on creating and sustaining high performing teams. You are offered five days of outstanding learning opportunities along with a programme dinner and cultural experience.


It will give you insight into today's issues of real concern, giving you the skills to build successful teams whose role will be to lead transformation of services helping to improve the lives of those you serve.

This programme takes place either near London or Dubai. It is an excellent way for you to grow from a focused and outstanding leadership development experience with us.

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In a Meeting

Tailor Made 
Senior Team Development Programme

Taking  your Leaders to the next level 

You know it isn't just individual leaders that make the difference. The key to success coms from having an outstanding team of senior leaders.

Our extensive experience has taught us that select and focused groups are what really achieve results. We also firmly believe that customised programmes based on the individual leadership challenges you face will help you deliver sustainable improvement.


To achieve this we  co-design a tailor-made programme and then deliver it at a place of your choosing to maximise your leadership team's impact

Your individually designed programme will ensure that your team will develop the skills and knowledge to lead your organisation to the next level.

Impactful and Insightful Programme Directors

Supporting You To Succeed

We want to empower you through the expansion of knowledge.


That is why our Programme Directors have outstanding understanding in the real world of how to develop your own leadership potential, allowing you to become a leader who will leave a lasting legacy.

Your Programme Directors and guest speakers all have many years of leadership and development expertise. They have worked for and with top public and private sector organisation across the world.

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